Camp Q, July 3rd, 1988

Dear Mom and Dad,

Camp is pretty good so far. The names of the people in my cabin are: Elisabeth S, Elisabeth H, Sarah, Jennifer, Kate and Verna. Everything was fine until Verna came. Mom, when you put my stuff in the cubbys, you used too many. I had to move some of my stuff to make room for Verna's and it is now a mess! The counselor just said that Verna might change cabins. I know it is mean but I hope she does move.

I definitely hope you visit. If you do, please bring a little candy. Mom, definitely visit me!

We had a campfire tonight. We sang songs. We are going to go white water rafting some time this month. People say it is fun but I am sort of scared. I am writing this letter with a flashlight so I can mail it at breakfast.

Although the camp is fun, there are some bad points. The cabin next door to mine won't be quiet. MISS YA. KISS YA TONS. Love, Julia
PS. Write back soon
PPS. The lake water is freezing!

Camp Q, July 6th, 1988

Dear Mom and Dad,

I know I have been writing to you very often, and maybe too often, but I like to write to you. I got a letter from Jessica. She was asked out by a boy named Adam. She is lucky.

Could you please send a package with candy? It doesn't have to be a lot.

I am taking sports the whole month (sports is gymnastics and tennis).

Love, Julia
Miss you so much!
PS: Don't send them yet, but if I write to you as often as I am (which I doubt), then I might need more stamps!
Love ya tons.

Camp Q, July 9th 1988

Dear Mom and Dad,


I got two letters from you today. Tonight is a dance. Don't tell anybody, but there is a kid Matt, who is going to ask me or Sarah to dance. I am glad I brought two miniskirts, because there is a dance every 2 weeks and a banquet. When you come to visit, could you bring my yellow dress that you like?


The dance is over. I got asked out by Matt to the dance. I wore my hair down with the bandana. Before the dance Matt asked me out! Mom, please tell dad to be quiet about it!

Miss you tons! Love you lots, Julia

Camp Q, July 11th 1988

Dear Mom and Dad,

I got two more letters from you today! You asked about playing tennis with boys. Speaking about boys - I am doing well with them, especially Matt. You've heard about him in the other letter.

Sarah gets homesick a lot. Once she was crying and Jennifer, Matt and I were trying to make her feel better. We were talking about Brownies (you know, girl scouts) and she started crying again because her mother is the leader of Brownies.

Mom, please write a little neater. It is so hard to read your letter. Dad, when will you write me another letter? Your letter from the computer was awesome!

Love, Julia
PS: Write back soon!
PPS: I need stamps! Camp is aweome!
Please send candy or any good food.

Camp Q, July 12th 1988

Dear Mom and Dad,

Today was the worst day. I practically broke my leg, because I banged it HARD on a shelf and got a humongous black and blue mark. I can't bend my leg now.

I broke up with Matt today. To top if off, when I was playing tennis Matt came to the court, and Sarah said, "Matt, I heard you broke up with Julia." What an idiot! God!

Mom, I'll do anything for you but please send candy! Dad, write!
Love, Julia

Camp Q, July 20th 1988

Dear Mom and Dad,

I got a postcard from Viv today. It was a really pretty postcard but it got bent. I also got a letter from you today. Don't worry about my teeth. Mom, your writing has improved!

Dad - how did you like my camp? Sorry I never got to show you Matt.

Mom - I don't get homesick anymore!

Yesterday the kitchen boy Jason left. He was really nice and you could tell him anything. We are having a gymnastics show and I am in it!

Camp is great!
Lots of Love,