Welcome to juliarun.org, website of the Julia Rusinek Memorial Fund. This non-profit, tax-exempt organization was established in 1999 to celebrate the life of Julia Rusinek and honor the ideals for which she lived. Julia died of an undetected heart condition on July 15, 1999. She was 21. More...

The 19th Julia's Run for Children will take place on Sunday, April 15, 2018!

Julia, Jules, Julush -- the life that was Julia Rusinek. Includes pictures, memories and guestbook for visitors to share their thoughts.
Memorial Fund
The Julia Rusinek Memorial Fund raises money for various children's causes. Find out what charities and programs we support, and how you can contribute.
Events held by the memorial fund. Our biggest fundraiser is the annual memorial run. Take a look at how previous runs went.
Links to other sites about Julia and/or the Julia Rusinek Memorial Fund.

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