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Roza's Speech
(delivered after the 4-Mile Run, March 25, 2001)

We congratulate all runners and walkers for their achievement and thank everyone who joined us here today. I hope the experience was as rewarding for you as it has been for us. The run is a product of work of many of Julia's friends, and that is what makes it so special and uplifting. With deep, deep gratitude we recognize the efforts of all.

We'd like to thank Yale University for giving us access to their facilities. We thank Jonathan Edwards College and its Master Gary Haller for providing guidance, the guest suite, and snacks and drinks for the runners. We thank the Graduate and Professional Student Senate at Yale for their sponsorship and for providing volunteers for the run. Special thanks to the New Haven Police Department for making the streets safe for the runners and for rescuing our raffle drawing, when we thought we'd have to give it up.

We are again most grateful to Joseph Pascal for manufacturing all the t-shirts for the run. Thanks to Rose Szatkowski for her generosity in sponsoring the trophies and awards. Laura Crescimano, our artist par excellence, designed the wonderful graphics on the t-shirts, posters, and flyers. Jenny Aziz, Sabina Barshap, Michael Bosworth, Rasika Jayasekera, Andrew Krause, Loren Starks and John Swagerty, were actively involved throughout the entire process of organizing this Run. Catherine Spector, Julia's friend and suitemate, deserves our special thanks. Without Catherine's commitment and organizing skills the run wouldn't be possible.

We are grateful to Esther, Shelly, Terry, Sarah, Michael, Lucyna, Hanah, Eleonor, Rose, Bertha and Bronia for manning the registration tables. We thank everyone who donated the raffle prizes, including the generous gifts from the Bosworth family, Tina and Mony de Leon, and Finnair. We are touched by Mike Kavey who organized a run in Julia's memory in Madrid, Spain.

Lastly, I'd like to thank our race manager, John Bysiewicz. John, we appreciate your expertise and reliability. We enjoyed working with you and feel lucky to have met you.

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