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Roza's Speech
(delivered after the 5K Run, April 9, 2000)

On behalf of Henry, Vivian, myself, all our siblings--Lucyna, Hela, Leon and Karol and their families--I'd like to express deep gratitude to each one of you for joining us to commemorate our Julia. This place is full but I thank each of you as if you were the only person here.

I'd like to thank our host, Yale University, and its administration for offering to us the use of cross campus, this building, Yale's RIP for printing all our solicitation letters, brochures, posters and leaflets, and the Jonathan Edwards dining services for snacks and drinks.

I'd like to thank the city of New Haven for its hospitality. Thanks to Captain Vino and the New Haven Police Department for their guidance and cooperation. Thanks to the American Medical Response for providing us with an ambulance for the duration of the Run.

Organizing this event was truly a team effort--the team being the size of a battalion. You helped us by undertaking specific tasks, with your generous donations of money and raffle prizes, or by taking an interest in the progress of the Run preparations.

I'd like you to know that each time you extended your hand to us we eagerly accepted your friendship, appreciated it, and relied on it. We thank you all, but because of time constraints, we will name only a very few:

  • Mike Sztejnberg and Natan Bauman actively and very effectively campaigned for sponsors
  • Joe Pascal manufactured and donated the t-shirts
  • Chris Omeltchenko (Omo) at a minute's notice, fulfilled requests for photographs, copies, and various other Run-related errands
  • Genia Frid and Lila Dogins served as on-call physicians during the Run
  • Raoul Garino, whom I'd never met, got us some wonderful raffle prizes and joined us today for the Run
  • Jose Lopez managed our race

    I mentioned only a very few and even in these cases I am far from having done them justice, for I really didn't even begin to tell you of all that these people have done for us.

    Then there is a group of individuals so closely connected to the Run that I was invariably mentioning their names whenever speaking about the Run. These people devoted to the Run a lot of time, hard work and energy. People for whom the Run became a very personal project. Catherine Specter, Laura Crescimano, Andrew Krause and Mike Kavey are Julia's friends from Yale and, as far as the Run goes, they were Henry and my alter egos in New Haven. What did they do? Everything. They planned, publicized, fundraised, did all the graphic designs. Catherine, Laura, Andrew and Mike come up for a hug and a bouquet of flowers.

    I'd also like to give a special thanks to the Master of Jonathan Edwards College, Master Haller, for an all-out support.

    Finally, many, many thanks to our friends Tina de Leon and Rose Szatkowski. I think it will suffice to say that their commitment to the Run matched our own.

    I hope you all enjoyed the physical activity. As for the second purpose of the event, the fundraising for L.E.A.P., I am happy to report that as of yesterday morning the pre-registration fees and donations amounted to $2415. Obviously, the final figure will be much higher as we registered today many more participants.

    I wish you all good luck with the raffle and I hope to see you for Julia's Run next year.

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