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Julia's Run in England

From: J Hartley
Date: Sun, Apr 10, 2011 at 4:06 PM
Subject: Julia's Run (English result)
To: Roza Rusinek

Hi Roza,

Just a quick email to let you know how I have gone on today - I ran at 4pm so I ran at the same time as the run in New Haven. However, I think most people over there would have finished by the time I crossed my finishing line! 32 minutes it took me! I am utterly convinced that English miles are longer than US miles!


I didn't have any rain - we have had a glorious weekend here and today was one of the hottest days of the year. I went on what has become my usual run - starting and finishing at home with 4 (long) miles in between. I really enjoyed the run but it did feel like I was stuck in an Escher picture as it felt like I was always running up hill! We have had a really bad Winter but everything is suddenly looking green again - I took the camera with me and took a few shots so that you could see.


Hope all went well for you today. The runs must be bitter / sweet moments for your family. I just feel honoured to be part of remembering my friend in a way that she would have loved.

Love to you and your family

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